Chihuahuan Desert Plants: Lechuguilla

Lechuguilla flower in Big Bend National Park By Rick LoBello, Education CuratorIf you were traveling across the country at night and woke up in the morning and saw lechuguilla growing on a mountain side, you would know one thing for sure, you were in the Chihuahuan Desert.   Lechuguilla is what some botanists call an indicator … Continue reading Chihuahuan Desert Plants: Lechuguilla

Chihuahuan Desert Plants: Prickly-pear Cactus

Long-spined prickly-pear, Opuntia macrocentra by Rick LoBello, Education Curator Earlier this year the Zoo was granted Botanical Garden Status through the American Public Garden Association.  Because of the El Paso Zoo’s dedication to maintaining a collection of plants for the purposes of public education and enjoyment, conservation, and higher learning, this was a natural next step.  The … Continue reading Chihuahuan Desert Plants: Prickly-pear Cactus

El Paso Zoo Distance Learning Opportunities

Online zoo adventure programs As the El Paso Zoo closed its gates on March 13, 2020, Zoo staff started to brainstorm how to be relevant in this time of social distancing and self-quarantine. The El Paso Zoo Education team, with the help of collections and vet staff, Wildlife Amphitheater staff and marketing put on eight episodes of … Continue reading El Paso Zoo Distance Learning Opportunities

Chihuahuan Desert Wildlife: Mule Deer

by Rick LoBello, Education CuratorDesert mule deer are fairly common within the lowlands of the Chihuahuan Desert below the 5,000-foot level. This animal is truly one of nature’s most graceful creatures.  It received its name because of its long, wide and “mule-sized” ears. Mule deer in El Paso are usually seen in the lower elevations … Continue reading Chihuahuan Desert Wildlife: Mule Deer

On the brink – world’s rarest marine mammal on the edge of extinction

El Paso Zoo conservation efforts to save the vaquita have been ongoing now since 2017. Last year in collaboration with the Living Desert Zoo and the Aquarium of the Pacific, we sent Mexican President Obrador over 18,000 signed letters from our guests asking that he provide strong leadership for vaquita conservation efforts.   The latest information … Continue reading On the brink – world’s rarest marine mammal on the edge of extinction

US Mexico Transboundary Protected Area will help protect wildlife habitat

By Rick LoBello, Education Curator All around the world zoos like the El Paso Zoo are working to save wildlife and their habitats.   With thousands of species on the endangered species list, we have known for some time that the best way to protect wildlife is to protect their habitats.   A few hours drive east … Continue reading US Mexico Transboundary Protected Area will help protect wildlife habitat