Are you ready for an adventure?

Let us bring the zoo to you!

The Education Team is excited to be offering free online Zoo Adventure Programs while the El Paso Zoo is closed. But which program is right for your class or group? Do you want a curriculum-based program or something more informal? Keep reading to learn more about each of the programs we offer and how the opportunities are endless to create the right experience for your group!

Currently, we are offering five of our curriculum-based programs: Animal Wrappers, Our World Our Friend, Animals of the Chihuahuan Desert, Venomous Animals, and Biomes of the World. With each of these programs, your group will have the opportunity to see up to three of our education ambassador animals and various bio-facts (items like fur, feathers, nails, teeth, etc. from animals – some items are real and some are replicas) from animals that fit the theme or topic of the program. All of the curriculum-based programs are TEKS-aligned and STEAM-focused.

To choose the best program for your group, there are a couple ways to decide. You can choose a program based on the age of your participants or you can evaluate the topic or theme that fits what you are currently teaching and sounds most interesting for your group.

  • Animal Wrappers is best suited for students between kinder and third grade. This program allows students to investigate the different coverings of reptiles, mammals, and birds and how these coverings help animals to survive in their habitat.
  • Our World Our Friend is an adaptable program that can be geared towards students from K through 12th grade. Students will explore the layers of the rainforest, learning about the importance of biodiversity.
  • Animals of the Chihuahuan Desert, best for third through twelfth grade, takes students right outside to discover the abundance of life supported by the largest desert in North America.
  • Venomous Animals teaches about the importance of venomous species from the El Paso area that most people fear. Students will learn how to identify these animals and how they balance our ecosystem. Best for third grade and up.
  • Biomes of the World takes students around the world to learn about the characteristics of and the interactions between the living and nonliving elements of each of the six major biomes. Recommended for sixth through twelfth grade students.

While these curriculum programs may be great for some groups, we understand that they might not be the right fit for everyone. That is why the Education Team is also opening up the opportunity to request custom programs.

Blackheart and Knotch, two of four African painted dogs at the El Paso Zoo.

Custom programs offer limitless options to create a program or presentation that fits exactly what your group is interested in learning. Examples of custom programs can include seeing and learning about a specific animal or family of animals, focusing on a particular topic or theme about wildlife or nature, relating a craft, activity or story time to our Zoo animals, and even learning about the inner-workings of the El Paso Zoo. Whatever it is that your group is interested in, we are here and excited to create the perfect program to keep you connected to nature!

To register for your program, all you need to do is submit an online request form under “Online Zoo Adventure Programs”, which can be found in the menu at the top of the page.

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