While Zoo guests are away, our animals play

Leilah, the southern tamandua, at the Sea Lion Exhibit Enrichment is an extremely important part of working with animals and is utilized every single day at the Zoo. What is enrichment? It is anything that encourages our animals to use their natural behaviors and abilities, while also providing mental and physical stimulation. This can be … Continue reading While Zoo guests are away, our animals play

Meet your neighbors: the ring-tailed cat

by John Kiseda, Animal Curator In neighborhoods adjacent to the Franklin Mountains and its hillsides, consider yourself very lucky if get to see a delicate looking small mammal that appears cat-like. This is the ring-tailed cat, distinguished by it's relatively large ears and a long bushy tail. Ring-tails are members of the raccoon family called the Procyonidae. With … Continue reading Meet your neighbors: the ring-tailed cat

Meet Rowdy and Roxie!

Rowdy and Roxie - Greater Roadrunners When most people think of roadrunners, they probably think back their the Looney Tunes characters Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, in which the coyote is forever trying to catch the Roadrunner as his next meal. There are scenes of Wile E. Coyote setting up traps using dynamite and … Continue reading Meet Rowdy and Roxie!

Celebrate Lobo Week – watch videos and learn more today!

Polly, our female Mexican wolf, when snow fell at the Zoo earlier this year. Photo by Rick LoBello This week is Lobo Week and we want to encourage everyone to help us celebrate the return of the Mexican wolf to the wilds of North America. Since the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program was first approved in … Continue reading Celebrate Lobo Week – watch videos and learn more today!

The Bird with the mustache

Inca Tern The seabird has distinctive splashes of color, along with a handlebar mustache. El Paso Zoo aviary feeding time. Nesting on rocky cliffs in the wild, the El Paso Zoo’s Inca Terns show this same behavior by hanging out in the rock work upon entering the Aviary…. That is, until it is lunch time! … Continue reading The Bird with the mustache

It’s Tucker and Tillie Time

Blue-tongued skinks Tillie Tucker Our relaxed reptiles, Tucker and Tillie, enjoy getting attention at our Zoo adventure programs where they meet students and teachers from around the Southwest. In the wild they might puff up and stick out their blue tongues to frighten unknown guests away but as education ambassadors they welcome your interest. There … Continue reading It’s Tucker and Tillie Time

March 25, 2020 Sofa Safari – update

Subscribe to our blog so we can keep bringing the El Paso Zoo to you. In accordance with ORDER NO. 7 BY THE COUNTY JUDGE OF EL PASO COUNTY, TEXAS, Sofa Safari will be suspended to ensure the health and safety of our zoo staff. Our Education Team is still working on all kinds of … Continue reading March 25, 2020 Sofa Safari – update

The Role of Palm Oil Certification and Zoos

Converting Malaysia’s Palm Oil Landscape to Include Conservation by Robert Hii, friendsofborneo.org It has been a few years since the El Paso Zoo wrote to the Malaysian Palm Oil Board to encourage the latter to make Malaysian palm oil sustainable. Since then, a few notable actions have taken place in Malaysia. The Malaysian Sustainable Palm … Continue reading The Role of Palm Oil Certification and Zoos

March 24, 2020 Sofa Safaris

Try today's crossword puzzle. Tuesday, 10:00 AM Southern Three-Banded Armadillo Our three-banded armadillo is named Tatu Doctors recommend that we get a yearly physical and that is also true for our zoo animals. Today our beloved education ambassador, Tatu, a southern three banded armadillo will be having an annual physical. Find the video on our … Continue reading March 24, 2020 Sofa Safaris