Test your desert IQ

Which of the following desert species are endemic (found only) in the Chihuahuan Desert?

Click the picture to test your desert IQ.

Correct – this species if found only in the Chihuahuan Desert
Wrong – this species is not found in the Chihuahuan Desert.   Google the name to find out where.

Click each picture to find out if it lives only in the Chihuahuan Desert

How did you score?

15-18 correct – Wow, are you a UTEP biology professor or planning a career in wildlife biology?

10-14 correct – Not bad, not bad, keep reading about desert wildlife and try again

9 or less – Average score, most people who visit the Zoo fit into this range.   Read up on the animals we have at the Zoo before and after your visit.   Join the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Club.

There are many ways you can learn more about the wildlife and plants of the Chihuahuan Desert. You can join a local group on Facebook sponsored by the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition or visit the group’s website to get started.