A wild New Year’s resolution: become an informed consumer

When you visit the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens your admission ticket is helping the Zoo save endangered species and wildlife habitats around the world.   During your visit when you round up your purchases at the gift shop and food service outlets you also help support a wide variety of conservation programs.   But what else can you do in your every day life?   Become an informed consumer.

Informed consumers can help our community increase its overall conservation impact by simply learning what products are more harmful to the environment than others.   Take products containing palm oil for example.  

For decades palm oil production and deforestation have gone hand in hand in places like southeast Asia, western Africa and South America. Today the palm oil industry continues to contribute to deforestation, species extinction and climate change and as a result many of the endangered species living at the El Paso Zoo like the Sumatran orangutan are on the edge of extinction.

Make informed shopping for food and other products part of your daily life

Sumatran orangutan and baby at the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Today many people are planning their food purchases more carefully than in the past. When people know that their choices are earth friendly they are more likely to choose certain products.  To make shopping for food more fun and interesting, you can get the whole family involved. Start by opening up your kitchen cabinets and your refrigerator and scan for products you have in the house that contain palm oil. After you have determined what products contain palm oil learn about products that are better choices for wildlife and the planet overall.

The only way you can truly find out if a product you have purchased is sustainable and earth friendly is by downloading the FREE Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Palm Oil App.

Make orangutan friendly choices with the most extensive and popular sustainable palm oil mobile shopping guide, Palm Oil Scan. Now you can shop with confidence that you are doing all you can to save wild species like orangutans. Use PalmOil Scan to check if the product you are about to purchase is “orangutan friendly” and RSPO certified.

Download for free on the Google Play or App Store

Cover by Joseph Kiesecker, Wikimedia Creative Commons

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