Meet Brittany, the Zoo’s new Zoo Adventure Coordinator

Brittany hopes to continue learning and helping students celebrate the value of animals and conservation efforts in order to help El Pasoans rediscover their connection to nature!

Brittany Knight is our new Zoo Adventure Coordinator.   Zoo Adventure Curriculum Programs are fun Field Trip Upgrades. These outdoor classroom programs last approximately 45 minutes in either the El Paso Water Discovery Education Center, the Zoo’s Wildlife Amphitheater, the Kalahari Research Center, the Ranch House in the Chihuahuan Desert Exhibit or the new Lobo Vista Classroom.

Brittany was born in a small, rural town in northern Arkansas and was raised to appreciate the wonder and the beauty provided by the Ozark Mountains. While in primary school, her mother joined the United States Army and Brittany then travelled the world with her parents learning about and emerging herself in varying cultures and communities across the globe. After spending many of her formative years in Europe, her military-connected family was then stationed at Fort Bliss, where Brittany finally settled down as she made the El Paso borderland her permanent home.

Brittany pursued her higher education goals right here at the University of Texas of El Paso where she achieved a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Master’s of Arts in Teaching. Eager to be of service to her community, Brittany began teaching high school at SISD where she remained for over 8 years! Once earning her MAT, she continued to be of service to her community by becoming an accredited instructor with El Paso Community College.

Brittany’s most recent adventure has brought her to the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Garden, where she is currently working as a Zoo Education Specialist – marrying her love for nature and conservation with her love for educating her community!

You can request one of the following programs on our website at

Animal Wrappers Grades | Grades: Day Care, Head Start & Pre-K, 1,2, 3
Our World our Friend | Grades: K-12
Animals of the Chihuahuan Desert | Grades: 3-1
Venomous Animals | Grades: 4-12
Careers at the Zoo | Grades: 4-12

Cost $3.00 per student (unless otherwise specified). Subject to availability. May be subject to cancel.

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