Animal enrichment: a top priority at the Zoo

Kindergarten students from Mesita ECDC at Vilas Elementary recently met Zoo Keeper Prentice who helped them create enrichment toys for some of the Zoo’s parrots.

Providing animals with enrichment is a top priority at the El Paso Zoo.  Enrichment is a term that zoos use to describe any exhibit feature or daily activity provided by zoo keepers to help create opportunities for animals to exhibit natural behaviors. 

One of our Zoo Keepers who works in our education section recently helped the zoo connect with a group of school children who wanted to help the Zoo create enrichment items for some of our birds. Check out Prentice and her video report on YouTube at the bottom of this page.

Every day of the year and all across the Zoo keepers provide enrichment for all of our animals including our Asian elephant, giraffes, tigers, birds and the smallest spiders and insects. Next time you visit the Zoo on a Saturday or Sunday be sure to stop at the orangutan exhibit at 12:30pm to meet one of our keepers and learn more about how we provide enrichment for our orangutan family. As you walk across the Zoo watch for toys the keepers put out as enrichment and special devices where they hide food to stimulate natural behaviors.


Cover by Susanne Nilsson, Wikimedia Creative Commons

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  1. lollytindol says:

    Thanks, Rick, for your passion. Do you know about Esperanza website? Still climate change, but human cultural stories.


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