Make Earth Day Everyday – Part 4

Buy only sustainable sea foods

California Sea Lions are some of the most popular animals at the Zoo. Training demonstrations combined with educational presentations give Zoo guests the chance to see our animals up close and experience the intelligence of sea lions.  As we think about Earth Day this week our sea lions remind us of the state of our oceans. Habitat destruction, pollution and over-fishing combined with a rapidly changing climate and ocean water acidification are all taking their toll. 

What can we do at home now to help our oceans?   We can be inspired by our zoo sea lions LB and Delilah and become better informed consumers.   Our sea lions are “Ambassadors for Ocean Conservation” and we hope that by observing them in action people will be encouraged to participate in the Sea Food Watch program.


Family Activity

– Watch for our sea lions on our Zoocam.  Watch the Seafood Watch Program video for children.

Download the Seafood Watch App

Over the past two decades the El Paso Zoo has been an important Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program partner.  This conservation awareness program helps consumers and businesses choose seafood that’s fished or farmed in ways that support a healthy ocean, now and for future generations. Seafood Watch recommendations indicate which seafood items are Best Choices or Good Alternatives, and which ones you should avoid.   There are two ways to participate in the program.   The best way is to download the free Seafood Watch app.   The app’s database is huge and almost any fish you can buy in the store is included.   You can also print out a wallet sized consumer guide to keep with you if your prefer not to use the app.  However, you choose to become informed every action you take can make a difference.   Join the El Paso Zoo and the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch today.  All of the animals in our oceans need our help and by becoming an informed consumer you can help protect not only sea lions, but thousands of ocean creatures including whales, dolphins, sea otters and fish.

Consumer tip – check the ingredients to learn what fish you are buying

Notice how the kind of fish you are buying is often not mentioned on the cover of the box.
Look carefully at the ingredients to learn what kind of fish you are buying. In this case according to the Seafood Watch program pollock is a good choice.

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